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Project Overview
For the designers and organizations out there – ever had  trouble making prototypes for a design that is expected to cater to several cultures? Well look no further! Ebb is a plugin that helps speed up that process while also lending you information of new and insightful design trends globally.

In addition, the Ebb. website isn’t just a place to market the plugin, but a hub for all the information on multicultural design that you could get! Be sure to do some research yourself too!
try for yourself!
Ebb. Promo Video
What could be a new, easy to use method or tool that will allow businesses and designers to produce works that are catered to multiple cultures?    

Taking this into consideration, I thought out a way to produce a website that teaches designers and young students how to design for different cultures. But upon further consideration, it was decided to create a plugin and website duo that would work hand in hand. This plugin, under the name Ebb. , is a plugin that allows designers and small businesses to be much more efficient with their workflow. The plugin homes in specifically on designing prototypes for different cultures of their own. The name Ebb. derives from the concept of ebb and flow, which correlates to the metaphorical meaning of the highs and lows in a certain context.
The Challenge and Pitch
Website Samples + Plugin Usage Examples
Branding Assets
The goal to Ebby’s design is to be as universal as possible in order to prevent any form of culture
bias. This means to not just have the mascot as an animal or object that potentially correlates to
a culture, but something ‘alien-like’. This took place in the form of shapes and cartoon-life
elements. Combining different shapes would then help create the body of Ebby, his shape
resembles a lightbulb — emphasizing the brand message of innovation and creativity.

The layout of the Ebb plugin went through countless revisions to truly reach the most efficient and easily adaptable interface that any user could use.
The Design Process