Taste Times

Editorial // Illustration
Project Overview
You say tomahto? I say tomato!

Designing for different languages can lead to several complications. From the text clashing and being longer, to even typefaces being limited with the types of glyphs that it has. Taste Times tackles this challenge by creating a small magazine discussing the competition of ketchup brands in Canada. The design obstacles grew as it had to be in both English and French! The style of the magazine is unique and modern, yet has a traditional aspect of brush strokes creates in the illustrations to create a rustic feel!
Living in Canada, most body copy, packaging, and other forms of design must consist of english and french. The challenge behind this magazine was to find a way to lay out the body copy about ketchup in both english and french. French is about 20% longer than english, the chance of text running off the page even though it's the same amount of information was very likely. Instead of using standard photography, I went with a mix of illustration and edited medias to really peak the viewers interest. Slab serif fonts were used to follow that 'cookbook' feel most recipe books follow today.
The Challenge and Pitch
taste times process work
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