Bonne Journee

Marketing // Branding // UI/UX
Project Overview
Someone can design under their own principles and culture, but what if you want to design to the international market? Taking into the ideation is the thought of taking companies from several different cultures and merging them to create a new brand.

Bonne Journee is an online box service brand that introduces the newest of technologies for your next trip around the world! It focuses in on ways to make your journeys seeing nature more eco- friendly for nature.
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Marketing Plan Pages
The Design Process
From a marketing point of view, how can one create a brand that encourages cross-culture opportunities in the international market?

Universal forms of design was a key element to consider in order to appeal to an international market. The decision was made to combine a variety of companies: Fjallraven, Biolite, Bee’s Wrap, and Intrepid Travels. In the same order, the companies reside in Sweden, New York City, America, and Australia. Each company creates products that are dedicated to a more sustainable lifestyle, particularly when camping or hiking.
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