Collaboration // Branding
Project Overview
This branding was created for The Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society (CHES), who will be hosting the biannual International Federation of Hospital Engineering (IFHE) conference in 2022. The goal was to have an identity that emphasizes innovation in healthcare engineering, with some unique Canadian symbolism added to it.

This was created in collaboration with Jonathan Collie, Victoria Frey, and Brynley Teri.
The challenge was to produce Conference assets for a collboration with the International Federation of Hospital Engineering and the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society. With this in mind, the brand had communicate both of these brand's messages through visual elements.

Toronto is at the heart of Canada’s life sciences industry and contains various medical research converges with international businesses, and more. Since this conference is at the heart/capital of Ontario, we decided to use their cityscapes as an element to represent Canada, its engineering excellence, and healthcare.
The Challenge and Pitch
Digital Banner
Usage of the banner on their websites
Conference Banner Mockup
T- Shirt Mockup
Luggage Tag Mockup