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With online education gaining momentum — becoming more of a necessity in today's society — DigitalEd offers an innovative digital learning platform that enhances both the teaching and learning experiences of online STEM education.

During my time at DigitalEd, amongst many other learning experiences, I was encouraged to stay curious, always explore new skills, embrace mistakes, as well as a stronger understanding that if you don't put anything in, you won't get anything out of it! With these in mind, I tackled design through several medias and platforms with high spirits.
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Website Layouts and Landing Pages
The Journey
Before joining DigitalEd, the bulk of my design experience had been through independent endeavours and smaller teams. However, it was such a joy to be so highly collaborative in a corporate setting with DigitalEd—especially with other designers involved. While I'm more than capable of working independently, there's something special about working together towards a common goal with collective purpose, bottomless support, and constant drive.

Additionally, it was incredibly insightful collaborating with teammates from the United Kingdom which gave me a clear understanding of their culture, values, and how different the markets can be outside of your own country.
Assortment of Social Media Posts
LinkedIn Carousel Ads + Google Ads
Mockup of an email sent out to customers for the holidays
Email Designs & Animations
Thoughts and Insights
DigitalEd had already established a brand upon my entrance, but it was still ever evolving as brands often do. An interesting design challenge however that took some quick learning to understand was that on most fronts I would not be designing solely for one brand, but technically two.

While they follow similar brand elements, Möbius is the learning platform that DigitalEd provides. Möbius and DigitalEd each had their own set of rules in regards to their logos, language, and messaging at times. I frequently contributed research, insights and trends that could benefit the brand. Afterwards, I would reflect these variances through subtle yet impactful design choices, such as colour usage to contrast between the content DigitalEd sells, and the Möbius platform.
Modern STEM Tools Mailer Campaign
Openstax Social Campaign
Ebook Ad Campaign
Additional Tradeshow Assets
Feynman E-book Design
Compilation of Mobius Community Assets
Möbius Community Assets
"I worked with Monica on the design team at DigitalEd and was extremely impressed with her ability to balance operating procedure with flexibility, and balance structure and specs with creativity—This balance is a rare skill for designers and is a joy to have in a team. She excels both in teamwork as well as in independent self-directed work and has a sharp mind and a true passion for exploring designs and ideas. Her work through her school projects shows an interest and proficiency in innovation and she carried that into every single deliverable we worked on.
Meg Tyler - Manager and Digital Designer, DigitalEd
Motion Check
A quick motion graphics onboarding video to greet new students and instructors to the platform.
Acrylics Pins made for DigitalEdLo-fi mockups of a booklet print.Variety of notes,ideas, and thoughts from a day at work.
Thumbnail for FrenchGuyCooking "Ramen" Poster.Thumbnail for IFHE project piece.Thumbnail for ArepaInk.A thumbnail of Sketch plugin for cultural mockups.