Artwork in use on the app
Artwork Catalogue
Ipad example of Album Artwork in use, reading "Stay Organized"
Mockup in different languages
The Design Process
Album artworks can range from as minimal as a dot to a super flourished design- the key focus to this project was on exploration of different styles and mediums. Listening to a variety of music, researching iconic album artworks as well as smaller bands helped provide further ideation on what type of personality each piece should have. Since Medly is also becoming well known outside of North America, I looked into other cultures and how they approach design, to assure that their users have a little bit of everything.
Exploring Photography and Acrylic Pour designs
Thumbnail for FrenchGuyCooking "Ramen" Poster.A thumbnail of Sketch plugin for cultural mockups.fliP U thumbnail
Ebb. Promo Video