Arepa Ink

Marketing // Illustration // Motion Graphics
Project Overview
While part of the Digital Main Street Futureproof program at Communitech, me and my team were delighted to work alongside two very passionate owners that operated Arepa Ink in London, Ontario.

In the duration of this program, we help out businesses that need a hand with their online digital prescence in order to stay afloat. As the graphic designer within the team, Arepa Ink requested ways to up their unique proposition within social media, as well as other assets that could be used to upscale their website.
Instagram Stickers
Given the circumstances with the pandemic, online communication played a major role in order to assure that Arepa Ink would receive the right deliverables by the end of our contract. After much discussion, I noticed that they had a ton of ideas (not a bad thing!) but not a lot of time. With this in mind, I created a priority checklist to assure that what is most important would be done.

The key assets I created include illustrations, social media templates, animated Instagram stickers, editing menu photos, and website assets. I stuck with creating designs that can be easily translated to all different kinds of online sectors. These assets were made with a mix of existing assets they had, as well as new ones that are on brand. The illustration showing all the types of arepa's they can make can either be just a fun poster that be sold as merchandise, or even an infographic describing all the kinds of arepa's they sell in a very fun and personal manner!
The Challenge and Pitch
Various Illustrations
Banners and Social Media Assets for Digital Media Use
Arepa Ink had a very clear definition of what kind of look they wanted, providing images for inspiration. There was frequent back and forth communication to assure the process went smoothly, and in the end they got lots of delivrables to work with! The Arepa Ink brand strives to be personable and fun. To assure the correct personality as well as easy depiction to what an arepa is, I focused on dynamic compositions and works that visually show what kind of Arepa's they have to offer.
The Design Process
Thumbnail for FrenchGuyCooking "Ramen" Poster.Thumbnail for IFHE project piece.