Six Herbs

Typography // Illustration // Poster Design // Commission
Project Overview
Enhance your kitchen! These were poster prints commissioned by Alexis Gabriel Ainouz, also known as ‘French Guy Cooking’ on his youtube channel. The objective behind this project was to produce two posters that communicate how to use various herbs in cooking. Design challenges with this included ways to organize the information in a very cohesive way through type and illustration. This is to be used for home cooks that need just a quick look at the poster on the wall for some herby information while cooking — and it’s stylish!
Poster Mockup
Poster in Action!
The Design Process
Finding a way to organize the information so they both work separately but also flow together harmoniously was the biggest challenge to this piece. Certain herbs had to be next to each other based on the number of cuisines that they share. The ideation varied greatly form super flexible type and fun illustrations, to more modular layouts that are straight to the point. The final process was to find that balance of fun accurate illustrations and easy to read type!
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